Leadership Correspondence Course

The Leadership Correspondence Course

(LCC Ohio DeMolay version 1.0)

is really five separate courses. They have been designed to give a better over all picture of DeMolay. Each course costs $5 to take. (Please note that all courses must be taken in consecutive order. Therefore, a student may sign up for only one course at a time. No tests will be returned to students.) If there is a need to retake a course, another test at the same level will be sent to the student.
Upon the successful completion (at least 35 correct out of 50) of the first course, the student will receive a letter of congratulations. Active DeMolays will also receive a white merit bar. Upon completion of each additional course, the 'DeMolay' student will receive a new merit bar in a different color, corresponding to the particular course being taken. Upon completion of the fifth course, all students (Advisors, Sweethearts, Parents, and Friends) will receive the very prestigious Lamp of Knowledge pin.

To enroll
in the Leadership Correspondence Course,
please complete the application and
include a check or money order
made out to "OHIO DeMOLAY."

Online version of LCC. Course #1 & #2
may be downloaded and submitted
with a completed application and fee.

Course #1 - Basic DeMolay Knowledge

Course #2 - DeMolay Administration

Course #3 - History and Heritage

Course #4 - Advanced Knowledge

Course #5 - DeMolay Administration

For more information,
contact the LCC Coordinator:

AKRON OH 44333
Email for Dad George