Knight Templar
Holy Land Pilgrimage


Whom do I contact?

We have a well-defined division of labor in our team with the Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimages. Here is whom to contact for what:

Emmett Mills, Jr., Grand Encampment Chairman for the Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage Programs and Registrar
Emmett Mills, Jr.
1713 Betrillo Ct
The Villiages FL 32162
248.217.7132 Mobile and Text
Receives, records and manages all Registrations, Certifications, Nomination forms, payments, passport information, etc. Handles all contract arrangements with Gate 1 Travel. All individual contact information, financial and passport details and arrangements go through Emmett.

Duane Kemerley, Pilgrimage Host Coordinator
Duane Kemerley
5028 Road O
Pandora OH 45877
567.376.9741 Mobile and Text
Coordinates on the ground / in country travel details and group communications, supervises itinerary development and adaptations, shares information about travel details via emails and other resources. Often serves as an accompanying travel host and trains and schedules additional travel hosts for each pilgrimage.

Cheryl Chmielewski, Group Tour Representative with Gate 1 Travel
Cheryl Chmielewski
Gate 1 Travel
Phone: Phone: 1-800-682-3333 Ext. 1181
Fax: 215-886-2228
Manages our contract with Gate 1 Travel, assists with any special needs in reference to flights, etc. Those interested in flight upgrades will need to work those arrangements directly with Cheryl. Generally, to upgrade your flight will sometimes necessitate you making separate, individual flight arrangements with EL AL through Cheryl.