Duane A. Kemerley

456 S Broadway St
Williamsburg OH 45176


1. Reaching Out for a Positive Response:
A Successful Plan for Membership Recuritment

2. Keys to Membership (Development):
Attracting New Members, Positive Attitudes, Retention

3. Dates, Times, and Places That Work:
Calendar / Term Planning / Annual Planning

4. Meetings People Will Attend:
Agendas that are: Effective, Efficient, Planned, & Purposeful

5. The Tie That Binds:
How Members Bond & Intervening in the Dropout Track

6. Avoiding the Potholes and the Landmines:
Understanding Risk Managements / Safety / Insurance

7. Getting the Word Out . . . and Back:
Developing Effective Communication Strategies

8. Dreamers, Realists, and Critics:
Building Effective Committees and Teams

9. The Stages of Organizational Decline and Regeneration:
Excellent, Neurotic, Decline, and Demise

10. Communicating Across the Generation Gaps:
Applying Generation Theory to Your Context

11. Becoming a Highly Effective Listener:
Skills - Paraphrase, Perception Check, Behavior Description, Productive Questions, and Fogging

12. Leadership Overdrawn:
Keeping Your 'Relational Bank Accounts' in Balance

13.Filling the Barrell:
Essential Principles of Leadership Behavior


Leadership Training
Modules and Seminars