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2023 Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage for Christian Ministers

March 31, 2022

This year’s Pilgrimage is preparing to gather at EWR Airport and set off for Israel. Our first travel group has 33 participants and the second group has 30. The first group depart Monday, February 5 and the second group Monday, February 20. I will be hosting the group along with Rev. Kenneth Blyth of Sarasota, Florida. This will be my 22nd pilgrimage over the span of 36 years.
As usual, the groups are made up of a wide range of ministers from many different denominations and independent traditions as well as from states across the country.

The KNIGHTS TEMPLAR HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE is a program related to the Grand Encampment Knights Templar of the United States of America. Our Mission: To sponsor (expenses paid) credentialed Christian Ministers on a Biblical study and historical / cultural immersion experience who would not have the opportunity otherwise. In this program, the various State Grand Commanderies of Knights Templar sponsor Christian Ministers on an expenses paid study pilgrimage in Israel for 11 days. The Masonic Knights Templar have been offering this program for over forty years and have sent over 2000 ministers to ‘walk where Jesus walked.”

Follow the link below for more information:

Follow the link below for a pilgrimage program open to anyone.

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